Whether their pooch has escaped from the garden and is rampaging around the neighbourhood, is refusing to come back when called or is chasing after deer in Richmond Park, almost all dog owners will have experienced that horrible feeling when they realise their pet is out of control.

And while we're all likely to experience a 'Fenton' moment at some point in our animal's life, a dog that is a danger to or worries a person or other animal can land their owner in serious trouble.

So in order to be a responsible dog owner Steven Havers, dog behaviour and training expert at haversspecialiseddogtraining.co.uk, points out that it is essential to be in control of your pet 100 per cent of the time when they're off the lead.

"You have to have your dog under control at all times," he says. "Socialisation needs to be taught correctly so the dog learns the best place to be is with their owner, not charging after every dog or person they encounter."

According to Steven, rather than investing in expensive gadgets, the only real way to get your pet under control is through training, which a simple and effective means to a well-behaved, happy dog.

"There is only one thing dog owners should invest in and that is good behavioural training," he advises. "A collar and lead is the only equipment needed to have a well-behaved dog."

Start by practising recall exercises in your garden where there are no distractions and rewarding your pooch with dry dog food treats if they come back when called.

Once the pair of you have aced this, have a go at recalls in your local park or wherever you walk your pup. It is important that your pooch feels that with their owners is the best and most exciting place to be, so make sure you use plenty of praise and avoid shouting or punishing your pooch at any time.

Written by: Hannah