Halloween is a fun time for kids who love dressing up in scary costumes and munching on seasonal treats, but for dogs it has the potential to be something of a nightmare.

Writing on CNN, Morieka Johnson said that it is essential to keep your dog away from the kids' goodie bags and watch for any stray sweets that could be lying around on the floor.

While children may love these treats, they can be dangerous for canines, and if you think your pet has swallowed something untoward and is showing signs of sickness, then whisk them off to the vet.

However, there are ways to incorporate treats for dogs into a Halloween routine, as dry dog food can be used to help them enjoy the experience.

Ms Johnson says that before taking your dog out for a walk before and after All Hallows Eve, it is important to practise basic obedience commands - a process which can be helped along with dry dog food.

This is because there is the risk of running into ghosts, goblins and witches around every corner.

It is also important to keeps pets away from the front door and the stream of trick or treaters who will be knocking on it. This can be done using interactive toys in a spot far from the action.

Children can be scary for dogs and vice versa, so even if your pet is usually kind and cuddly, it's probably best to keep them away from the front door.

People who are particularly enthusiastic about Halloween and want to put their pet in a costume should not force the issue if their canine companion is clearly not into it, notes the expert.

If they do go for it however, ensure they get some practice walking in the costume and never leave an animal unattended while they are wearing one.

Written by: Hannah