From organising vaccinations and buying premium dog food to dealing with chewed shoes and cleaning up endless little puddles, the first few weeks with your new puppy are bound to be some of the busiest of all.

But one task that you shouldn't neglect no matter how busy you are with your pooch is puppy training, as the first few weeks at home are crucial to instilling good behaviour in your canine companion.

"If you don't take your puppy to puppy training, it is the equivalent of not educating your child until they're 17," says Jez Rose, a canine behaviour specialist at The Behaviour Company.

"It's an incredibly important stage of the dog's life and if you have a puppy, you've got until about 13 weeks of age to expose your puppy to as many things as possible. It's what we call the crucial socialisation period."

Although you need to wait until your pet has had all their vaccinations before you take them to puppy training classes, you can start socialising them even earlier by bringing friends and fully-vaccinated dogs to the house.

And when you do start training your puppy, remember to try and keep it fun, as your pooch is far more likely to learn quickly if you incorporate play into the training regime.

"Rather than thinking about training, I turn it all on its head and make it into fun games," explains Jez.

"Running away from your dog and having them chase you is the best way to teach a dog to come back to you when you call them."

The behavioural specialist also suggests teaching fun tricks such as balancing a biscuit on your dog's nose rather than focusing on boring commands like sit and stay, as this will keep things interesting for both you and your pup, as well as teaching basic good behaviour.

Written by: Hannah