With Christmas on the horizon, many people will be spending the next few weeks splashing out on gifts and festive goodies to treat their loved ones this holiday season.

But although you may have thought that this would mean lavish gifts for wives and fancy gadgets for husbands, it turns out that the most expensive presents many of us will buy this year will be for our four-legged friends.

According to the Daily Mail, a recent survey of 1,000 pet-owning adults has revealed that not only will three-quarters of them be buying their animals gifts this year, but 66 per cent of them will spend the same amount, or even more, on their mutt or moggie than they would on a partner.

Carried out by Very Important Pets Club, a new customer initiative from Pets At Home, the research revealed that the average amount most people spend on a Christmas present for their significant other is £38.

And when it comes to pets the amount that owners spend on gifts is likely to be the same as this figure or even more.

Pets at Home commercial director, Peter Pritchard told the newspaper: "It just goes to show we're a nation of pet lovers who think of our pets as another member of the family, so why not spend the same on them as we would do a partner at Christmas?"

The choice of presents you can choose from to treat your furry friend includes everything from reindeer jumpers for dogs and fancy toys for felines to full-blown gift set for smaller critters.

However, if you want to buy your pooch something that will really benefit them this year, then - if you haven't already - why not consider upping their diet to premium dog food?

Not only will your pup love the taste of high quality, nutritious food, but it will also be great for their health and help them live a more active lifestyle.

Written by: Hannah