December has arrived, which means many of us will be decking the halls, dressing the Christmas tree and spraying the windows with fake snow.

But although we may enjoy getting creative with tinsel, mistletoe and holly, it's important to remember that certain decorations can be hazardous for our canine companions.

Not only could your dog harm themselves by chewing on Christmas tree decorations or knocking over glass objects, but there are also a range of popular festive plants that are poisonous to animals.

The plants to look out for at Christmas are Poinsettias and Amaryllis, which are very festive and pretty, but owners find that dogs are attracted to their red glow and may be tempted to have a chew.

If consumed, even a small amount of these plants can be toxic and cause mouth or stomach irritations, which require immediate attention from a vet.

"People need to look at what their decorations are throughout the house," Lisa Peterson, spokesman for the American Kennel Club, told the Dog Daily. "Are they within the dog's reach?"

In addition, owners should also keep mistletoe - especially the berries - and holly out of reach of inquisitive pups and away from their dry dog food, as this festive flora can also be dangerous if consumed by a canine.

It's also worth keeping an eye on your pooch around the Christmas tree to make sure they don't drink the water, which may contain additives or plant foods.

And finally, remember that Christmas treats such as grapes, raisins are toxic to canines, so keep these out of reach of Fido, and don't be tempted to treat any of your pets with human food.

It may sound like Christmas can be a bit of a minefield for canines, but if you use your common sense and follow these simple precautions there's no reason why you and your pooch can't both enjoy the holiday season.

Written by: Hannah