With Christmas now just a couple of weeks away, most people will be looking forward to indulging in turkey, parsnips, potatoes and cranberry sauce as they tuck into their festive dinner.

And since most dog owners consider their pooches to be part of the family, sometimes it can be all too tempting to sneak Fido a scrap from the dinner table or offer him the sort tasty treats humans enjoy.

However, vets and animal welfare organisations are now speaking out to warn owners that this sort of behaviour could be harmful to our pets, since human food can be poisonous for canines.

"As a part of our family, we all enjoy including our dogs in our Christmas celebrations," says Kennel Club health and information officer Nick Sutton.

"However, chocolate, raisins, grapes, sultanas, avocados, onion, garlic, leeks, artificial sweeteners and even nuts can be potentially lethal to dogs."

What's more, with canine obesity a growing problem in the UK, feeding your pet extra over the festive season can lead to weight gain and associated health problems.

So it seems that the best thing to do this holiday season is to make sure your pooch is fed only on their own premium dog food, and if you do want to treat them you only offer healthy morsels specially designed for canine consumption.

"It is easy to forget that these foods are poisonous to dogs, especially as they are something that we can eat without any problems," Mr Sutton adds.

"Dogs should not eat our Christmas dinner; there are plenty of wonderful dog foods available for a Christmas treat, so there is no need to leave your dog out of the celebrations."

Or even better, treat your pooch by taking them for a long walk or having a game of ball in the garden - not only will your pup have tons of fun, but exercise will help both of you stay in shape over the festive season.

Written by: Hannah