As much as we love our dogs, sometimes there's nothing more annoying than having your pooch gaze up at you when you're sitting at the table with pleading eyes.

Indeed, having a drooling, whining dog slobbering all over the place when you're trying to enjoy a civilised meal can really put you off your food.

And what's just as problematic is that many owners give in to these puppy dog eyes and end up feeding their pooch tit bits from the table, which is of no help to either you or your dog.

As with most behavioural problems, prevention is better than cure, so from day one it's a good idea not to allow your pooch to hang around by the dining table while you're eating - and never ever feed your pup from the table as this is just encouraging them to beg.

But if you already have an existing problem, try leaving your pooch in another room while you eat or putting up a gate. In general, it's best if your pooch can't see you eat as this may just cause them to get agitated and even aggressive since they can't get to you.

Alternatively, try distracting your dog by giving them a couple of toys or a Kong filled with dry dog food treats. This is where basic commands come into play, as by telling your pup to sit, stay or down and then rewarding them when you've finished dinner will really help encourage good behaviour.

Finally, it's important that your dog learns their position in the pecking order of the household, as this should prevent them from becoming too demanding at mealtimes.

So if possible make sure you feed them their premium dog food after the family have had their dinner and don't give in to your pooch's demands for food however insistent they are.

Written by: Hannah