Although the majority of people can co-habit alongside dogs with no problems whatsoever, for some just being around canines can bring them out in a rash or cause them to start coughing and wheezing due to allergies or asthma.

However, having allergies doesn't always mean that it's impossible to have a pet pooch. Because not only are some breeds more easily tolerated by sufferers, but there are also dogs which are specially bred to be hypo-allergenic and not bring out allergy symptoms.

The first thing to remember is that if your allergies are really severe or if you have serious asthma you need to think really carefully about whether it is worth bringing a dog home.

What's more, if you do have allergies and there is a pooch in the house then it's a good idea to stay away from certain areas such as where they sleep and eat their premium dog food.

But if you are determined to have a dog and your allergies are manageable, there are certain breeds that are less likely to cause symptoms, such as coughing, wheezing, a runny nose or sore eyes.

In general, non-shedding, silky, fine haired oily-coated or hairless breeds and crossbreeds are best for people who suffer allergies, since it's usually dog fur that creates the problem.

These breeds include Yorkshire terriers, whippets, the Mexican hairless, Cairn terriers, Afghan hounds and poodles, among others. Some breeders also specially breed dogs to be hypo-allergenic, so it's always worth speaking to your vet or a local dog trainer to see what your options are.

It's also a good idea to spend a bit of time with your puppy before you bring them home to see how you react, as if there are any problems it's far better to find out before you or your new pooch become attached to one another.

Written by: Hannah