If you own a pet dog that you don't plan to show or breed from then in almost very case your vet or dog trainer will recommend that you get them neutered.

And although some owners are reluctant for their pooch to undergo the procedure of being castrated or spayed for whatever reason, before you decide against it it's worth taking note of the many benefits of neutering.

The main reason that owners choose to neuter their pets is because it tends to result in calmer, more predictable behaviour, which is particularly important if your pooch is a family dog.

In addition, it can benefit dogs that get possessive over their dry dog food or toys, as neutering tends to control aggression, as well as preventing unwanted sexual or destructive behaviour, fighting and mounting.

There are also numerous health benefits to neutering your canine companion, as it has been shown to eliminate or reduce the risk of some cancers in both male and female pooches, including testicular and mammary cancers.

Removing the chance of a bitch becoming pregnant is important not only because puppies are expensive and should only be bred if you have knowledge and experience, but it's known that pregnancy carries significant health risks.

What's more, spaying a female dog will reduce the risk of your pooch behaving erratically when they come into season, which occurs for roughly three weeks twice a year.

Neutering also eliminates the messiness and inconvenience of a bitch in season - something most dog owners would be very thankful of - and reduces the chance that a male canine will stray in search of a female or mark their territory.

So unless you have a very good reason for not wanting to have your pooch spayed or castrated, it is worth speaking to your vet and seeing whether it would be the right choice to neuter your pet.

Written by: Hannah