We've been treated to several days of snow now and with no sign of the weather letting up, it seems as though the white stuff is here to stay - at least for a few more days.

Which means that dog owners across the UK will have to take their pets out for their daily exercise in snowy and icy conditions, which can present a number of problems.

Speaking to the Wandsworth Guardian, Carlton Spears, operations manager at Battersea Dogs Home, points out that the arrival of the bad weather means that owners need to take extra care when out and about with their canine companions.

"Some dogs love playing in the snow but not all of our four-legged friends enjoy it," he said. "Here at Battersea we take extra care when taking our dogs out and about and it's important to be extra vigilant with your pets this time of year as like us, they can feel the chill."

If your dog has fine fur or seems to feel the cold it is a good idea to buy them a warm coat to keep them cosy when out on their daily walks. But even if your pooch is wearing a coat it's important to dry them thoroughly when you get in from the outdoors to prevent them from becoming unwell.

It's also important to remember that it might be rather misty out at the moment so it will be that bit easier to lose sight of your pooch. Therefore, it's worth having a handful of dry dog food treats in your coat pocket you can use to keep your pup close, or even keep them on the lead if you're concerned about losing your dog.

Finally, the grit and salt that's scattered on the roads at the moment can get caught on your pet's paws, so make sure your clean them thoroughly when you get indoors and out of the cold.

Written by: Hannah