For many dog owners their idea of hell would be for their pooch to end up in the emergency room having suffered a serious accident or after becoming very unwell.

And in this distressing situation the last thing you'd ever want to hear is that the vet does not have enough blood to operate on your pet and potentially save their life.

But the only way that we can ensure that blood stocks are always high enough for no dog ever to have to die unnecessarily is if owners take their healthy canines to donate blood.

According to Pet Gazette, there are currently 4,000 doggy donors registered with Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBUK), a figure that the organisation hopes will increase to 5,000 by the end of 2013.

An average of 20 to 25 donors will take part in each blood donor session, giving 450ml of blood towards saving the lives of other pooches.

Head of operations at PBBUK Katrina Wilkinson told the online pet magazine: "As with most charities, we're operating in challenging times and every drop really does count - both in blood, funds and anything that makes those funds go further."

And you don't have to worry that your pooch will be in any sort of pain as a donor, as most are even aware that they're donating - and they receive premium dog food treats after as a reward for helping out.

However, not every dog can be a donor, so you'll need to check with PBBUK or your vet if you think your pup will be suitable.

For example, the charity will usually only take blood from animals that weigh more than 25kg and have a good temperament so will sit calmly during the procedure.

But if you do find that your pooch is a good donor, you may well find that it is one of the most rewarding and worthwhile things that you and your pet ever do.

Written by: Hannah