With chew toys to play with, balls to chase and games to play in the garden, sometimes it may seem as if your new puppy could run around for hours on end.

However, although puppies love exercising, it's important to remember that they are still very young and it's essential that they don't become overly tired and that they have the time to rest and grow.

Therefore, if you've just brought a new puppy home, it's worth having a good idea of how much exercise a young dog needs and when it's best to encourage them to rest.

Very young puppies should only have a small amount of exercise, especially if they haven't yet had their vaccinations. At this stage a game in the house and a little run around the garden should suffice, although you might want to carry them out and about to start to socialise them.

Once your pooch has had their first vaccinations, as a rough guide about half an hour a day is a good amount of exercise. However, always make sure you wait at least an hour after your pup has eaten their premium dog food before you exercise them or it could upset their stomach.

It's also worth remembering that the exact amount of time you should exercise your pup for will depend on their size and breed, so ask your vet if you're at all unsure what's best.

Try and stick to a routine if possible, as puppies tend to respond well to this. A short walk in the morning and evening is often a good idea, but you may have to alter this slightly depending on your own schedule.

Remember, playtime is exercise too, so make sure that you take the time to play games with your young dog and maybe even introduce some very basic training.

Written by: Hannah