We all know that dogs need plenty of exercise in order to be physically and mentally stimulated, particularly if they're a very energetic pooch or if they're quite young.

However, at the same time, it is important to remember that owners also need to ensure that their pets are able to relax when they are at home, without being constantly wound up with distractions and excitement.

Steven Havers, a dog/human relationship expert, believes that information surrounding dogs' welfare often focuses on their physical wellbeing and less regard is paid to canines' psychological and mental welfare.

"What this means is the dog is forced to spend his time with his owners being active as the owners are conditioned to keep their dog stimulated, entertained and active," he explains.

Indeed, often owners are warned about the behavioural problems that may ensue should they allow their pet to become bored, which can mean that they end up constantly trying to stimulate their pet with activities, toys and training.

And Mr Havers suggests that this sometimes can lead to a situation where a dog is always active and then struggles to relax when they are around their owners.

Therefore, it seems that owners should try to attain a balance through which their pet gets plenty of exercise and training, but at the same time lives in a home environment where they are able to escape to their own corner and are not constantly distracted by kids, toys and games.

To achieve this it can help to have a dog pen or area of a room where your pet can sleep, eat their premium dog food and be alone should they want to escape from the stresses of household life.

Mr Havers adds: "A dog wants and needs a calm and stable environment to thrive, one where he can be calm enough to learn how to behave as this will equip him to cope with the stresses of living with people."

Written by: Hannah