From Border collies and Bassett hounds to dachshunds and Dobermans, there is a whole range of different dog breeds to choose from when considering getting a new puppy.

But while it may be tempting to simply pick the cutest pup you can find or take home the latest 'designer breed', it is important to remember that choosing a dog on looks alone can leave you in hot water.

Indeed, breeds of pooch differ significantly in terms of their basic requirements such as exercise, premium dog food, environment and veterinary care. What's more, different types of dog have varying personalities, so while one may be calm and happy around children, another could be more highly strung and less suitable for a family environment.

"Don't choose a breed on looks alone, you need to take into account the temperament, the amount of exercise it needs, the amount of living space et cetera," says Nick Honour, canine behaviour specialist with The Behaviour Company. "If you can't meet its basic needs then you are asking for trouble later down the line."

The best thing you can do before deciding on the breed of dog you would like to own is to look carefully at your living situation to see what you can offer a canine and then do as much research as possible about different types of pooch.

Mr Honour adds: "I would always advise reading as much about your chosen breed as you can but also make the effort to speak with trainers, owners and breeders or attend events such as Discover Dogs and speak with the breed clubs to really get in-depth and accurate information."

Finally, remember that a purebred pup isn't always the best way to go. Indeed, crossbreed dogs and mongrels are often healthier canines and have lovely personalities, so make great family pets.

Written by: Hannah