Whether it's investing in luxury bedding, feeding the best premium dog food or devoting hours to taking their pooch for long walks in the countryside, many pet owners are prepared to go to extreme lengths to show their love for their canine companions.

And it's perhaps not surprising that so many devoted owners are prepared to go the extra mile when we consider that recent research has revealed that two-thirds (67 per cent) of owners fell head over heels in love with their dog when they met.

Indeed, the survey of 2,000 adults by MORE TH>N Pet Insurance found that more than three-quarters of the owners polled said that meeting their beloved pooch was one of the most memorable moments of their lives.

When we compare these figures to the fact that only 42 per cent said they had experienced love at first sight with a person, we can see that Britain truly is a nation of dog lovers.

"For millions of people dogs aren't seen as just animals but as faithful companions at the heart of the home," said John Ellenger, from MORE TH>N Pet Insurance. "It's therefore not surprising to see that people develop such strong emotional bonds when they first meet their four-legged friends."

The research also revealed that dog owners don't hold back when it comes to celebrating their anniversary with their dog, with one in five confessing they always take the day off work.

What's more, owners also listed to pet pampering days (52 per cent), lavish dog's dinners (30 per cent) and nostalgic returns to where they first enjoyed walkies together (22 per cent) as favourite ways to celebrate their anniversary.

"It's encouraging to see just how thriving responsible pet ownership is across the UK," Mr Ellenger added. "It's important that we always care for those we love, and through this research we've seen countless examples of people who are prepared to go the extra mile for their dogs and do everything they can to ensure their wellbeing."

Written by: Hannah