Whether it's running around in the garden or chasing their tail in the living room, certain breeds of dog boast an abundance of energy that it's tough to burn out - especially when they're young.

So given that our canine companions have an enthusiasm for play and exercise that even exceeds that of children, it's important we give them plenty of opportunities to stretch their legs.

And that's where our fitness and wellbeing can come into the picture too, as an active pup could make the ideal partner in terms of ensuring we're sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

Indeed, as Reuters reports, dog owners in America are increasingly relying on their four legged friends to help them keep up with their attempts to get fit.

And according to Dr Marty Becker, an Idaho-based veterinarian, this can be a great tactic considering that a canine's appetite for exercise is rarely diminished.

"Unlike humans, their motivation never peters out. Dogs don't drop off one by one, like other fitness buddies," he explained.

If you've got a bigger dog that's going to be able to stay the course, combining your own daily exercise with theirs in the form of a light jog is a brilliant idea.

But if your pooch is smaller and won't be able to keep up, there's always the option of a run out in the park before taking advantage of their miniature stature to do a bit of resistance work.

California-based fitness trainer Tamilee Webb explains that she pops her three-legged Shih-Tzu in her backpack, which adds some extra weight as she performs squats and lunges down the park.

And once you've both enjoyed your daily exercise, make sure you sit down to a healthy meal as well as ensuring your pooch has a nutritious serving of premium dog food in their bowl.

Written by: Hannah