A doggy picnic was hosted on Sunday (3rd June) to raise much-needed funds for an animal charity located in Kensal Green, London.

The Mayhew Animal Home is to be the latest recipient of proceeds raised by The Gaucho restaurant in Hampstead through its 'Doggy Sunday' events series.

Pet owners paid out £35 each for a slap-up meal to enjoy with their pooches, with the beach-themed afternoon bringing together dogs from across the capital city and beyond.

Dogs were honoured by the event and allowed to play in a paddling pool and sandpit to their hearts' content, with goody bags offered to every pooch to take home.

Some £5 of each 'doggy dinner' purchased is set to go to the Mayhew Animal Home, with a raffle also held to raise funds for the organisation.

"We were absolutely delighted when we heard our rescue centre had been chosen for one of Gaucho's infamous Doggy Sundays!" commented Lisa Houlihan, events officer for The Mayhew.

"It was very generous to host the event in our honour and also invite some Mayhew staff, and canine representatives, along to enjoy the day. So much fun was had and we can't thank the restaurant enough for supporting our charity in this way."

Plenty of pooches will undoubtedly have enjoyed their dog food on the day, with the event potentially inspiring pet owners to take their pooches out to socialise more.

Indeed, dog owners might wish to organise their own poochey meet-up, allowing their pet to come in contact with fellow canines in their area.

Whether it is a walk around the local park or a nearby woodlands, dogs often enjoy meeting other pooches and sometimes appear to form close bonds with other animals.

With signs of summer also appearing in parts of the country, there might be no time like the present to treat pooches to a sunny stroll outdoors.

Written by: Hannah