Kabang, the life-saving dog from the Philippines, has returned home from a veterinary hospital in California after receiving extensive facial reconstruction surgery.

The poor pooch lost her snout and upper jaw during a heroic act that saved the lives of two young girls - her owner's daughter and niece. She jumped out in front of a motorcycle when the pair were in the path of the oncoming bike, leaving her seriously injured.

Kabang's brave efforts in December 2011 put her in the hearts and minds of thousands worldwide, leading to a nurse from Buffalo, New York raising $20,000 (£13,000) to bring the mutt to the States and receive surgery to treat her injuries. Vets in her home country were unable to do anything.

The mixed breed dog was taken to University of California, Davis veterinary hospital where doctors healed her wounds, repairing her nostrils and eyelids and stopping any infection from occurring. They took skin from her cheeks, neck and forehead to carry out the intricate work. However, they were unable to reconstruct Kabang's jaw or snout.

"She's a very, very happy, functional dog, and that is all that we were after," said Frank Verstraete, a veterinary professor at the location.

While she was there, Kabang also got treatment for heartworms and a tumour, all paid for by the organistion Care for Kabang, which was set up specifically in honour of the dog's acts.

Dogs have long been said to have powerful connections with their owners, but Zapang's efforts went above and beyond the call of duty.

An eyewitness to the incident that caused her injuries, Jovito Urpiano, was certain that Zapang was aware of what she was doing.

She is due to fly back to the Philippines today (June 6th) where she should go on to live a long and happy life.

Written by: Hannah