Once you get your beautiful new puppy home, you will no doubt just want to spend all your time rolling about playfully with it or basking in its unparalleled cuteness. However, for the pup to grow into an upstanding dog, you will need to make sure you take the time to train it properly.

If you can get your puppy to obey the simple commands, they will no doubt develop into an excellent dog. Getting them to listen to “come”, “sit”, “no” and “down”, for example, will make your life a lot easier and it will make the pooch much better behaved. You can start training a puppy with the basics as soon as it’s in the home. Indeed, the younger they are, the easier they are to train.

Using a clicker training device is the best tool for teaching a puppy to behave. They are available in pet stores, fitting in the palm of your hand. Pressing one end with your thumb makes a clicking sound that you can get your pooch to associate with a reward by clicking it as your give it a treat.


The first command you should try to teach your puppy is sit. You should make the canine aware you have a treat and hold it just behind its nose so it has to sit down in order to reach it. Using a clicker training device, give the dog a click when it takes the treat, repeating this again and again. Once it understands that the treat is reward for sitting, add the word “sit” so that the pooch associates the word with the action. Eventually with this added cue, you will be able to get the dog to sit without even giving it a treat.


Another basic command is getting your dog to lie down, which should specifically be used to get the dog to lay rather than to get down off something, as this can confuse it.

To get your pup to lie down, hold a treat and then place your hand near the floor. In order to reach it, your dog will have to lie down. When it manages to get the treat, make the click sound. Much like the “sit” training, repeat this and then add the “down command” until the dog will do it without a treat.


A very important command is “come”, getting your dog to return to you, which is vital in times of danger, such as when it is approaching a busy road. You can begin this training at around six to eight weeks, a time when dogs love to follow their owners around. When it gets to around six months old, it will become much more independent and, therefore, harder to train.

You will need someone’s help to teach your puppy to come. They should kneel by the dog, keeping it in a sit position. You should then kneel in front of it and call its name while also saying “come”, holding your arms out wide to embrace him, looking very excited. When the pup does come, you should give it a treat. This process should be repeated at increasing distances, remembering always to reward it and giving plenty of praise. As the dog becomes better at this, you can do it outside and then from where it cannot see you.

Written by: Hannah