Many dog owners choose to leave their pooch in the capable hands of a friend or family member when they head off on holiday in the summer, but don't forget there is the option of taking old Rover with you.

If you're driving to your destination, then taking your canine in the car is relatively straightforward, so long as they are confident pups that are comfortable in a car for an extended period. In order to best achieve this, it is important to get them used to car travel from an early age.

For those owners who haven't taken their dog out much before in a car, it is advisable to put down some old rugs or newspapers in the vehicle in case the mutt gets car sick.

Safety must always come first – for both yourself and the dog. They must distract you while driving and there should be a safety harness that acts like a seat belt to keep your pooch safe in the event of an accident.

Remember to take plenty of water, walk your dog before setting off and not to feed it two to three hours before departing. Keep your mutt's favourite toy on hand and try to take plenty of breaks.

It is even possible to take your dog on a flight. However, this takes a great deal of preparation beginning around seven or eight months before departure.

You must speak to your vet to carry out a health check and get any necessary vaccinations and contact the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to hear the requirements of any destination. You should tell the airline your intentions to take your dog at the time of booking too.

There are regulations when flying that must be met and remember to consider what food and water the dog will need during the flight – think about attaching it to the basket as in almost every instance pooches have to be held in the cargo area where you do not have access to them.

Written by: Hannah