One of the best ways to keep your dog fit is to play some sports with it, as you will no doubt end up having some serious fun yourself and keeping your body in good condition too.

They typically require a few accessories to get going, and you’ll need to find somewhere with a bit of space, which could be your back garden (if it’s big enough) or the local park. Here are a few of the best canine sports you can play.

Flying disc or Frisbee

A very simply game of catch, flying disc just requires you to own a Frisbee and find some space to throw it. All you have to do is launch the disc into the air and watch as your dog bounds to collect it and the brings it back to you for another go.

Dog diving

This requires a bit more in terms of locations, as you need to find yourself a swimming pool owned by someone who doesn’t mind a few pooches taking a plunge. A bit like flying disc, it is a basic throw and retrieve game whereby you launch a toy into the water and the dog has to dive in to fetch it, working all the muscles in the body. The deeper you can get your dog to dive, the better.


We’ve all seen the mutts at Crufts bounding around obstacle courses to impress the haughty judges, and there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own. Set up a few objects that your dog can jump over and then run your canine between them. If they get used to doing it, you may even be able to do it without a leash and command them with voice and actions alone, which really demonstrates an obedient and well-trained dog.

Written by: Hannah