There are hundreds of different dog breeds to choose from, not to mentioning (mention) picking between the sexes and whether or not to go for a puppy or an adult.

Remember that a dog is not just a temporary addition to your life; it will more than likely be with you for years and years. Therefore, making the right decision is imperative.


There are some 200 different dog breeds recognised in the UK, as well as a range of cross and mixed breeds. When going for a pedigree, which is a pure breed, you know exactly what you are going to get. The size, the coat, the character, the chance of contracting an illness and the level of energy can largely be predicted.

When dogs begin mixing, it can be difficult to ascertain exactly which traits they will take on board.

If you go for a mongrel, which generally have no pedigree background unlike crossbreeds, you can generally (del to avoid rep) anticipate that they will be healthy. What’s more, because it is hard to track their heritage, your dog will be more unique.


Puppies obviously get the cute plaudits, with many people finding them utterly irresistible. You know they will typically live much longer. You have the opportunity to train them into the dog you want them to be, but that also means they will suck up a lot of your time.

It is, however, a great practice to adopt an adult dog, but this is not as straight forward as you may think. They may come with a good deal of training and socialisation but, on the other hand, they may not. They may come having suffered tough emotional trauma.


Picking whether to go for a dog or a bitch may be another tough decision. Many people believe bitches are easier to train and are more loving characters, yet some say they can be quite distant. Males can be quite assertive but once neutered this tends to die down.

Written by: Hannah