A woman who suffers from a serious skin condition has paid tribute to her dog for saving her life.

Wendy Hilling has epidermolysis bullosa recessive dystrophic and it means her skin tears and blisters at the slightest sign of contact. As well as this, the lining of her windpipe has been weakened, which means she can struggle to breathe, especially during the night.

This is where Edward comes in, as the golden retriever is able to sound the alarm if Ms Hilling stops breathing, the Daily Mail reports. Indeed, since getting the dog in 2008, there has been a significant improvement in her quality of life thanks to the help he offers.

Before the canine became the latest member of the family, the 64-year-old and her husband Peter had to take it in turns to sleep at night to make sure there was always one of them awake to monitor her condition, which was far from ideal for their relationship.

Indeed, she added her life was a nightmare because of the problems she had with her throat before they took in the super-dog.

Speaking about the dog, Ms Hilling said: "Edward was to be the making of me. I am so wrapped up in him and his wellbeing that I don't worry like I used to.

"The help he gives me is a bonus, and his companionship and his loyalty are the best thing about having him. He is always there for me. I have reduced my painkillers since having him."

However, the dog's talents do not end there, as he can also help her to undress, load the washing machine and pick up any objects she drops. If the situation ever worsens, the dog also has the foresight to get in touch with the emergency services so an ambulance can be sent immediately.

Ms Hilling admitted that she has developed a deep affection for Edward, adding: "I hold his lead and he holds my heart."

Written by: Hannah