A crowdsourcing campaign for a wearable dog fitness tracker on the website Kickstarter has got off to an impressive start, meeting its goal in just a few days.

Dubbed the “world’s tiniest wireless activity tracker for dogs”, FitBark set itself a goal of $35,000 (£23,000) and with 27 days of fundraising remaining, it has already garnered $47,255 from the general public.

The FitBark works by tracking the activity of a dog throughout the day, with the pooch only required to wear a small collar device. Owners can then see how much of a run around their mutt does through graphs on a smartphone app.

They will then be able to establish if their dog is reaching its daily activity target based upon its breed, size and age. It is generally equivalent to an hour of “moderately intense physical activity” with the rest of the day at a lower level.

"As dog lovers, we always wonder if we're doing our best to keep our dogs healthy and happy. Over and over we hear that exercise is crucial for their physical and mental well being. Yet, there's a black hole in the way we track their activity throughout the day," the company said on its Kickstarter page.

"FitBark combines our love for dogs, tech and beautiful design into a product that helps humans better understand dogs and give them back the joy that they provide to us. With FitBark, you can stay connected and get valuable insights into the life of your dog so that you'll know when to take action."

FitBark has a number of interesting features, such as the ability to receive real-time updates on the dog’s activity level and being able to look at long-term trends in its energy output. The latter of the two features may help to establish if the dog is unwell, with owners

being able to show graphs to vets to get their expert opinion.

It is even possible to compare your own activity level to that of your dog by linking up data from human activity trackers such as NikeFuelband, Withings Pulse or Bodymedia Fit.

Written by: Hannah