President Obama and his family have taken their annual vacation to Martha's Vineyard and the First dog, Bo, is along for the journey.

The Portuguese water dog was transported in a state-of-the-art Marine Corps helicopter along with his own team of security agents. He was taken from the White House in Washington and will meet up with his famous family at their favourite holiday spot.

Although the president and his family often vacation on the island, this will be the first time they are staying at the $7.6 million (£4.9 million) Chilmark home of family friend David Schulte.

Many pet owners in the UK can't afford the kind of luxury that will be awarded to the pampered pooch in Massachusetts, but as a lot of us jet off on our own holidays it's important that you remember to take care of your own pet.

It's crucial that when you are planning a trip you remember your dog and how the change in routine may influence your pet. Many dogs enjoy the schedule of everyday events and the sudden change could affect their behaviour and cause them concern and to become anxious.

If you are planning on leaving your pet behind while you enjoy your holidays abroad then it's best to leave your dog with a family member or trusted friend.

It's often best that your dog sitter comes to your house and looks after your pet in their own surroundings. This will make them feel much more at ease and less anxious as they will have all their own smells and familiar stuff around them.

However, this isn't always possible so if you are taking your canine to someone else's home then remember to pack some of their favourite things and it's also a good idea to take some items that smell of you such as a blanket or jumper. This will help them feel at home in a strange property and should mean they calm down quicker.

If you are taking your pet on a car journey with you then you can also make use of a familiar object. You can put a blanket or favourite toy in a travel carriage with them to make the journey more comfortable for them.

Written by: Hannah