People in the UK often get the reputation of being an animal-loving nation and in the vast majority of cases this is true. There are many dedicated pet owners across Britain who spend a lot of time and energy providing the best care for their furry family member. This can be making sure they have the best nutritional care by getting premium dog food or by buying expensive shampoos to make sure their pet always looks in the best condition.

However, it appears that not everyone shows the same level of care and attention when it comes to the welfare of their pets. The RSPCA is inundated with reports of abandoned animals which have been treated less like living things and more like rubbish.

According to the animal welfare charity, for unknown reasons, the summer is a particularly bad time of year as the number of cases takes a significant peak when the warm weather and long evenings arrive.

One reason some people suspect could be the answer for some of the cases is that heartlessly people would rather abandon their pets than pay for them to have care when they jet off on their holiday. Whatever the reason may be, last year the RSPCA were called out to rescue more than 37,000 pets which had been discarded without a thought for their health or wellbeing.

Dermot Murphy, RSPCA chief inspector, said: "The shocking fact is that even in a nation of animal lovers, there are thousands of people out there who don’t care about their pets at all. In fact some literally treat them like rubbish."

In some occasions, when people choose to abandon their pets they pick the most unusual and obscure ways in which to do it. Some of the most bizarre that the charity has seen include chinchillas found in a cage in a cemetery, a terrapin left in a bucket in a children’s playground and one man was even brazen enough to walk into a Tesco and ask a woman to hold his cat while he phoned the RSPCA but he never returned.

Written by: Hannah