Many people take a long time before buying a dog and put a lot of effort into researching what is best for them, such as whether frozen dog food will work for a certain new pet.

However, a study has highlighted that not all people are being as careful and decide that they can no longer keep the animal for one reason or another.

Some of the most beautiful women from the UK's favourite soaps have decided to put their face to a campaign that highlights the atrocity that a third of dogs will be abandoned. Gemma Merna, Anna Passey, Sophie Austin and Nicole Barber Lane from Channel 4's Hollyoaks and former Emmerdale favourite Adele Silva are supporting National Dog Adoption Month to try and stop dogs from being left on Britain's streets.

The Daily Star reported that the groups of famous soapstars, like many people across Britain, are dog lovers and are trying to encourage people in the UK to give a deserving dog a happy and safe home this summer.

According to the, school holidays are an ideal time to introduce a new dog to the family.

However, the campaign comes from some shocking statistics which discovered that 30 per cent of dogs in the UK were abandoned during the first three months of 2013, as owners most-commonly blamed lack of money and breakdown of relationships as a reason for leaving their dog.

More than half of pets (54 per cent) are abandoned because couples break-up and can't decide who should keep the animal.

Now is starting a Summer initiative sponsored by Co-operative Insurance. It aims to dispel the rumours that dogs coming from rescue centres are not suitable for many families. The campaign also plans to encourage potential owners, that may have been considering buying a pet, that the summer break is a perfect time to introduce a new family member.

Ryan O'Meara, co-founder of, said that many rescue dogs aren't damaged and assured potential owners that all dogs are "behaviourally assessed and worked to assess each dog to match their perfect home".

Written by: Hannah