Many pet owners put in the time and effort to make sure their pets have the best level of care as possible. This can often include looking for premium dog food which is most suitable for your breed of dog or searching around for the most suitable area to take your beloved canine for their much-needed walks.

However, not all dogs are as loved by their owners and many pets are abandoned every year with the recession adding significantly to the number of animals which are being abandoned every day. It's not just the UK that has problems with the amount of dogs being left to roam the streets and many foreign countries don't have organisations like the RSPCA to help find the pets a loving home.

One Brit has decided to set up a charity in order to bring dogs to the UK which have been abandoned in Romania. Kelly Hadnutt, with help from her sisters Emma Noble and Natasha Noble, has set up the Homeward Bound Dog Rescue UK to give many stray animals a chance of a better home, according to the Oxford Mail.

Chase is one of the family's latest success stories as the seven-month-old pup was found wandering the streets of Brasov in Romania. The country has been badly hit by an "explosion" in the amount of dogs being abandoned which has left many at the risk of death.

Kelly and her family launched the Homeward Bound Dog Rescue UK to raise money to care for stray and sick puppies found in Romania. The dogs are vaccinated and cared for in Romania which means they can be advertised on the website and brought back to the UK when a suitable home is found.

Every dog costs £150 to bring back to the UK and so the charity hopes to buy a specialist van in order to transport the animals to their new home. Since its launch, the charity has helped 20 dogs in the UK and at least 12 more puppies will be looking for owners during the next six weeks.

The family are holding an open day with games and a dog show in Hanney War Memorial Hall in East Hanney on September 7th to raise funds for the charity.

Written by: Hannah