Some pet owners take great care to ensure their dogs are getting the best diet by looking online for the most premium dog food. However, some people are putting the lives of their family pets at risk by feeding them the wrong stuff.

It can be tempting to feed dogs part of your meal, such as chocolate, especially if they have not been trained to not beg when you are eating, however it could be harming your beloved animal. Next time you are thinking about giving your canine some of your own food, you should resist the temptation as it could seriously damage your pet's health.

Research from Pets at Home indicates that the vast majority of owners (85 per cent) fed their dog or cat some of their own food. Nearly two-thirds gave them cheese, which both animals find difficult to process, while a third admitted to giving their pets fruit, reports the Daily Mail.

Dairy is particularly difficult for dogs and cat to digest, as well as the high salt content making it extra harmful for both animals. Although fruit is healthy for humans, it can be extremely damaging for dogs as grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure.

A small number of owners admit to feeding their pets chocolate, despite the risks of this food for animals being well documented. It contains theobromine, a chemical similar to caffeine, which can kill pets even in small doses. The amount of this will depend on what type of chocolate you are giving them, though, with a higher cocoa content, dark chocolate has the highest levels.

Head of pets at the company, Maeve Moorcroft, said that owners could be killing their own pets with kindness.

She said: "We’ve all been there, those big beautiful eyes can be hard to resist as we’re eating and it’s so easy to just share a little of your food. However, giving in to the longing and loving looks of our pets can actually really harm them.

"Their digestive system is extremely different from ours and they often have reactions to the food we eat. It’s best to stick to pet food and a diet recommended by an expert."

This is why it's important to get dog food, which has been carefully selected by people who know what they are doing. This can prevent your beloved pet from getting ill because you are not giving them the nutrition they need.

Written by: Hannah