Dog owners are well known for being dedicated to their pets. It's common for them to spend a significant amount of time looking for the best dog food online, or to spend large sums of money on the rising cost of vet bills to ensure their canine is in top health.

However, one dog owner has gone further than most and has been forced to hold his pet's hand when he's in the car. This is because, though many canines love being in cars and feeling the fresh air from an open window, this dog can't stand to drive around unless he is holding his owner's hand.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows Tommy sitting in the passenger seat while his owner drives, reports the Daily Mail. In the footage, the driver can be heard laughing at his silly dog and telling him to stop pawing at him while he drives. The nervous dog pays no attention and keeps trying to touch his owner, until he relents and holds the canine's hand.

The footage has been an international hit, causing many people to comment how adorable the canine is.

During the rest of the video Tommy starts to rub up against his owner and even tries to get on his lap. The only moment when he sits still is when owner Adam Douglas holds his paw for comfort.

Mr Douglas said that he can't believe so many people have enjoyed the video. He claims that he only uploaded the short video to see what the YouTube video editor was like and he wasn't expecting the response he got.

"I'll be sure to stick up a few more of Tommy's antics - maybe outside of the car though, a lot of you seem to be concerned about my driving, which I can assure you was perfectly safe. Glad you all liked it though."

Mr Douglas assured viewers that the footage was filmed by using a stand to hold his phone and that it was on a quiet road so no road users were at risk.

Written by: Hannah