Dog owners in Lincoln have been warned against taking their pet to the city's West Common after a number of poisonings took place in the area.

The incident appear to have occurred when the dogs in question came into contact with the carcasses of dead wildlife that had themselves been poisoned and transmitted it to the dogs.

Appeals have now been launched by one of the dog owners and the owner of a local canine group, who are urging people with any information to come forward.

Fern Ember, who runs Happy Paws Dog Training, and grieving owner Rachael Constable told the Lincolnshire Echo that extra vigilance is required if people walk their dogs on West Common or on the golf course off Carholme Road.

"Three dogs have died with severe gastric symptoms and convulsions in the last two weeks. We know that the second dog picked up a raw bone the morning that she died, and that it looked as if it was probably a rabbit bone. The third, a greyhound, had also eaten a rabbit carcass," Mrs Ember added.

She advised dog walkers to keep their dogs on leads and away from any dead animals on the common or surrounding areas such as the golf course, and also asked that people take two carrier bags or dustbin liners with them if they walk in those areas.

Ms Constable previously worked at Newmarket Equine Hospital for two years and said that when her two-year-old Labrador cross Stanley went into seizure, she knew he'd been poisoned.

Stanley died four days after eating a rabbit bone on the common and she revealed that two other dogs had suffered a similar fate after coming into contact with bones on the common that were not part of their regular dry dog food diet.

"I just want to warn other dog owners about the dangers," Ms Constable told the newspaper.

Mrs Ember concluded by asking anybody that comes across a rabbit corpse to pick it up and contact the Happy Paws team, who will collect it and conduct a toxicology report.

Written by: Hannah