Dog owners are being asked to let their dogs take part in new research at the University of Lincoln, which is examining behavioural patterns.

The university’s animal behaviour, cognition and welfare team at the Riseholme Park campus are looking for dogs and their owners, who can be added to a database to help them with pioneering canine projects.

The university has stressed that all of the investigations that pets take part in will be welfare-friendly, and include activities such as dogs learning to use a touch screen, and assessing their ability to read human emotion.

Daniel Mills, Professor of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine at the university and a supervisor of many of the projects, told the Lincolnite that any dogs that are able to travel to the campus, which is situated just north of the city, will be able to take part in a number of exciting activities, and may even learn something new.

"As interest in our work has grown, with increasing national and international coverage in the press and on TV, we thought the time was right to reach out further to the local community, to give them the chance to get more involved in our work," he added.

"Many owners thoroughly enjoy learning about the hidden abilities of their dogs, or simply doing something a bit different."

Mr Mills said the project is a "great example" of how the university likes to engage with the public, for the mutual benefit of all.

Qnyone wishing to add their pet to the database and take part in the research can sign up at or call 01522 886276 for more information.

It is the latest study to examine the behaviour of dogs and their interaction with humans, with previous work spanning institutions across the globe and garnering numerous plaudits.

Written by: Hannah