The Dogs Trust is celebrating 35 years of its famous "a dog is for life, not just for Christmas" slogan this year.

It was the brainchild of Clarissa Baldwin, the then head of PR for the charity who is now the chief executive.

Speaking about the slogan, Ms Baldwin said that 35 years ago buying a dog for a Christmas present was acceptable and common.

She added: "The National Canine Defence League (now Dogs Trust) was struggling to cope with the high numbers of stray dogs, and so as head of PR, I wanted to come up with a campaign to capture the imagination of the country and highlight the callous way in which puppies were being bought on a whim only to be abandoned, in a similar style to how other presents are discarded- both at Christmas and all year round."

Ms Baldwin said the campaign still forms a major part of the Dogs Trust's marketing activity today.

Since its launch and success, the trademark has been imitated by a host of leading brands and organisations in the UK.

Major supermarket Asda uses the slogan"a job is for life", while jewellers Rubinstein Keightley Goldsmiths made use of "a diamond is for life".

Ann Summers, the NHS and Bristol Street Motors have also all used a variation of the slogan in their own industries, which is something that its creator takes as a compliment.

"I think the fact that it has been around for so long helps; it’s not a new fad, it’s something firmly placed in people’s consciousness from years of PR, advertising and marketing activity.

"It’s simple, memorable and easily customisable – not something I thought about initially, but in some ways I think that helps it stick in people’s minds.”

Ahead of Christmas it is important that parents considering buying a dog take into account the costs associated with a new pet and know that it will be a welcome addition to the family for the long-term, rather than just a short-term fad.

Written by: Hannah