You are probably living under a rock if you weren't aware that yesterday (October 31st) was Halloween. However, it appears that dog owners are joining in with the fun and are buying their pets more than just premium dog food.

According to research by Saga Pet Insurance, it's not just small children that get dressed up for Halloween as ten per cent of the UK's 8.5 million dogs were dressed up for Halloween this year.

Maybe unsurprisingly, female owners are more likely to dress their beloved furry family members up as their favourite scary character. Whether it be a canine Freddy Krouger or a ghoulish greyhound, 22 per cent of female dog owners would dress up their dog for Halloween, compared to just 16 per cent of men.

It appears that some canines even have an entire wardrobe for the occasion with a fifth of dogs having more than one outfit to pick from for the celebrations, while a seventh have the difficult task of choosing between at least five costumes.

Owners are worried about spending cash on their canines either as a fifth would happily spend between £10 and £20 to get their pet looking the part, while one in eight would spend up to £30. However, a small number confessed that they would spend more than £30 on the perfect outfit for their furry family members.

More than a quarter of people over the age of 50 think that dressed up dogs look cute, while a tenth would be dressing up their own canines at some point for Halloween. However, they would be a little more controlled with the amount they spent as, on average, they would only buy outfits for £10.

Roger Ramsden, chief executive, Saga Services, commented: “Our research proves that pets certainly are one of the family, with one in ten dog owners saying that they dress their pets up so that they can feel included in the spooky festivities. I think it’s fair to say that dogs will have a hhhhhhoooowwling time this Halloween.”

Written by: Hannah