As we get to the end of the month it is time to have a look at some of the new products which are now available direct from VioVet. The products featured this month include a new range of breed specific diets for dogs, bought to you by PURINA’s BETA range. There are two new recipes from Lily’s Kitchen which are sure to make your cat salivate at the thought of what comes in each can. The Excel range from Burgess has now also been expanded to include two new hay products and a recovery diet for small animals. For the riders out there, Hy have expanded their range with some new items which will make you always look your best around the stable.

PURINA BETA Breed Specific

All dogs have different nutritional needs depending on their size, breed, activity, amongst other elements. Up to now the BETA ranges of dog food have been formulated to suit differing needs, whether they be puppies, senior, active or overweight dogs. The new Breed Specific range now adds to this selection by offering diets for the four most popular breeds, each of which has been specifically tailored to meet the dog’s needs while providing them with support for optimal health and condition.

The breeds catered for are Retrievers, Spaniels, Terriers and Shepherds & Setters. Each of these diets has had the protein and fat contents added in the appropriate amounts, along with a special selection of vitamins, minerals and nutritional additives. They also each have their own kibble size to best reflect the ideal size of food which they should be eating. Available in 12kg and 2kg bags so you can try your dog out on the diet first before committing to a larger bag.

Lily’s Kitchen new recipes for cats

The Lily’s Kitchen range has been a huge hit with both pets and owners, not just because they taste so good but because of what they have in them. The company was born from the result of a border terrier called Lily not eating her regular diet. After inspection of the ingredients Lily was getting it was decided to instead make a homemade meal containing only natural ingredients. The success of this meal regarding Lily’s health and her love of the food made this idea develop, by creating foods which contain only healthy, natural ingredients.

This month brings 2 new recipes for our feline friends to try. Whiskerlicking Trout & Turkey Terrine and Fabulous Country Game Feast are both wet foods that provide your cat with only the best ingredients. Each recipe contains a whopping 70% meat or fish, along with a variety of other nutrients to get your cat looking and feeling great.

Burgess Excel range additions for small animals

The Excel range of food for small animals has been added to this month with two Timothy Hay products and a Recovery Diet for those recovering from illness or surgery. The Timothy Hay is supplied in a choice of cubes which have been compressed to save on space and make feeding much easier. As the bales are 100% Timothy Hay, they should be fed as part of a balanced diet. The Recovery Diet is also a complementary diet which contains a selection of fibres to ensure your recovering pet receives the best nutrition when they are at their weakest.

Hy Chaps & Gaiters

The amount of choice you have in the Hy range is already fit to burst. Whether it is bits, nosebands or head collars for your horse, or clothing for yourself, you are sure to find something suitable at VioVet. This month sees the range grow even larger with a selection of chaps and gaiters for the fashion conscious rider. Combining quality, comfort, style and practicality, these new items are sure to fly off the shelves. The Amara Half Chaps offer single and two-tone options for both adult and children, the Leather Half Chaps can be purchased in black or brown, the Leather Gaiters come in a selection of colours, and there is also the Amara Diamante Half Chaps which provide a more sparkly look.

Here are the other products which have been added to VioVet this month:


Hills Science Plan Adult Small & Miniature Dog FoodHills Science Plan Small & Miniature Mature Adult Dog FoodHills Prescription Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution Dog TreatsHills Science Plan Adult Light Small & Miniature Dog Food

Hills Science Plan Small & Miniature Senior Dog FoodHills Science Plan Small & Miniature Puppy FoodPet Brands Flash Lite Safety Dog TagPurina DeliBakie Dog Treats

Pero Adult Grain Free Turkey & Sweet Potato with Cranberry Dog FoodBenevo Organic Complete Adult Dog FoodBenevo Rumble Strips Dog TreatsWoof & Brew Posh Pooch Herbal Tea for Dogs

Cosipet Chelsea Button Down BedCosipet Chelsea Kalahari Bed BrownHurtta Cooling VestBenevo Original Complete Adult Dog Food


Seahorse Atlantic Kelp Care Sprinkles for HorsesEffol Mint Snackies Horse TreatsGizapaw Hack Cam Tail SleeveHy5 Synthetic Leather Riding Gloves


Exo Terra Sunray Fixture with Ballast & BulbSuet To Go PeckaballsAnimal Dreams Shredded Paper Small Animal BeddingJohnson's Anti-Mite Extra

Kruuse Digi-Temp Professional Rectal ThermometerOmron Flex Temp Smart ThermometerCorral Mains EnergiserNorthern Well Loop Keyhub

Written by: Adam