For some people it doesn’t matter how well your dog is fed, they still end up making a fuss and begging for scraps whenever you start preparing food for yourself. It is an annoying habit, but it is one that you can fairly easily train out of a dog if you stick to a few simple tips.

First of all, remember that your dog is very well-fed. If you are giving your dog a good diet of premium dog food, then they should have no need to beg for extra snacks. So no matter how hungry they seem, they do not need any more food.

Of course, if the training does not work after several weeks you may want to rethink your dog’s diet. As a rule, if you are feeding your dog a good amount of food two to three times a day, they should not need to supplement that with scraps.

Begging is not a behaviour dogs usually exhibit when they are hungry, but when they want attention. To dogs, giving small bits of food is more of a sign of affection than anything, and it is this attention that your dog is demanding.

As such, it is not enough to simply not feed your dog. When they start begging, it is important to ignore them completely. Even if you do not feed them, any kind of attention you give will just encourage the habit.

Do not pet, talk to or even make eye contact with your dog when they are begging. Simply get on with preparing your food. This shows your dog that you are in charge of the situation and cannot be manipulated, and that you will deal with your pet when you are ready and not just when it wants attention.

One of the most important things to ensure is that everyone in your household sticks to this policy 100 per cent. If anyone in your family gives in to your dog and feeds them when they are begging, then the discipline simply won’t work.

Consistency is very important when training a dog to do anything. Your dog needs to learn that begging doesn’t ever work. If one person starts feeding him, your dog simply will not learn that lesson.

Written by: Hannah