Dogs are an unusual species of animal in that every single breed is unique in its own way, and different breeds can be incredibly varied. If you didn’t know better, would you honestly look at a Great Dane and a Pug and say that they were the same type of animal? How about a Golden Retriever and a Chihuahua?

In truth, these breeds of dog are different in a huge number of ways, from size and shape to breed-specific health concerns. Yet dog owners tend to feed their pets the same food irrelevant of breed, which seems counter-intuitive.

Different dogs have different nutritional requirements, and buying breed-specific food can be a good way to ensure that these are met. For example, Royal Canin dog food is tailored to a wide variety of breeds, from Beagles to Yorkshire Terriers.

Royal Canin’s Rottweiler food, for example, provides the breed with the nutrients it needs to maintain muscle mass and keep a healthy heart, while its Maltese food helps that long-haired breed to maintain a healthy coat.

Alternatively, if you are more of a fan of providing your dog with fresh food rather than pre-packaged, you could look into the history of your pet’s breed and tailor their food to that. Look into where your dog’s breed is originally from, what kind of lifestyle it had, and the foods it would have eaten.

Chihuahuas, for example, originated among the Aztecs of Mexico before the area was settled by Europeans. Red meat didn’t come into the area until the settlers brought cows and horses with them, so Chihuahuas would have lived mostly off poultry.

As such, you can feed a Chihuahua white meat, particularly turkey, to ensure they are eating a diet that their body has evolved to process well. Look into other common foods from the area your dog’s breed is from in order to balance out their diet. Chihuahuas, for example, can get their carbohydrates from maize, which was very common in historic Mexico.

By feeding your dog well, and tailoring their diet to be the best for them according to their breed, you can be sure that they are a healthy and happy pet.

Written by: Hannah