As much as we love our pet dogs, there are times when our patience is stretched thin. One of those times is when they jump up to greet you or lick your face and you are treated to a generous helping of disgusting canine bad breath.

Luckily, this is easily preventable. It is also something that needs to be dealt with straight away. If you leave your dog with bad breath, it can easily develop into something more serious with time - such as tooth decay - which can cause a significant amount of discomfort and further complications for your pet.

Preventing this takes a little bit of work, but you should be able to help your dog out in this manner with few problems. In the wild, dogs' teeth would get cleaned naturally through the process of tearing flesh off prey.

Obviously this is not something your dog will typically get to do, unless you have got into the habit of feeding them whole deer carcasses: not something most people would recommend! However, there are a few ways you can simulate this in a modern home environment.

For example, giving your dog bones to chew on can go a long way towards keeping their teeth clean. Make sure you are careful with the bone preparation, and choose one that is an appropriate size for your dog, though. Chew toys can also replicate this effect.

Alternatively, you could find a brand of dog food that does a lot of the work for you. Many brands offer foods that are nutritionally balanced to improve your dog's dental health, prevent plaque and tartar formation, and even clean your pet's teeth for you.

An example of this is Royal Canin dog food, specifically the company's dental special range. This food contains sodium polyphosphate, which reacts with the calcium in dogs' saliva in such a way that prevents it from being deposited on their teeth as tartar. The shape of the kibble also has a mild brushing effect when chewed, helping to keep your dog's mouth clean.

These simple steps can keep your dog's mouth healthy, and save you from having to deal with the smell of your pet's breath.

Written by: Hannah