For people that work full-time, summer can be a curse rather than a blessing. Being trapped in an office all day in the sweltering heat can be unbearable. However, at least you are able to get up and grab a glass of water when you get too hot. Your dog, if you leave it at home during the day, may not have this option.

If you keep your dog at home while you work, you will almost certainly leave plenty of water out for them. This will keep them hydrated, but probably won't keep them cool. The water will quickly heat up if it is left out in a bowl, which is not ideal on a particularly sunny day.

Obviously, the best thing you can do is stay at home to look after your dog, however this is often not an option for some pet owners. If you are worried about your canine chum overheating, one thing you can to is purchase some frozen dog food.

This might seem unusual, or even low-quality; after all, people often associate frozen food with ready meals. However, frozen dog food is often comprised of high-quality meat as opposed to the 'meat byproducts' typically found in canned or dry food.

Frozen dog food is great for the summer, as you can leave it out at the beginning of the day without defrosting it first. This means it will thaw throughout the day, leaving your dog with a cool, meaty treat whenever they start feeling the effects of the heat.

Of course, you should be careful not to do this with food that comes in small chunks, such as the many 'free flow' options that are available. This can cause digestive problems if eaten while still frozen. Instead, leave out a nice cold mince block so there aren't any small pieces of frozen meat for your dog to wolf down.

Frozen dog food is available in many flavours, including beef, tripe, chicken and lamb. This will provide your dog with a nutritious, cool treat on especially hot days if you are forced to leave them at home.

Written by: Hannah