Dogs are generally happy animals and creatures of habit, but that does not mean that their daily routines cannot be spiced up occasionally.

Although a morning walk around the block and a slightly longer walk on an evening may be more than enough to keep them happy, occasionally it is good to take them somewhere a little different - and this is something that is especially true in summer.

The warmer, drier weather is not only good for us, by avoiding the need to get muddy or soaked by rain, but it can also be beneficial from your pet's point of view, as they do not have to walk around with a damp coat or trudge through sludge.

As such, it is a good time to think about where you can take them that may be a little bit different to the norm - even if it is not geographically much further away.

Parks are a great option, and there are always plenty nearby - simply pop your pooch in the boot and take a short drive, then let them have the run of the field (if they are sociable animals) or walk them on a lead if they can get a bit excitable.

Taking things up another notch, try heading to a National Park such as the Yorkshire Dales, Peak District, Brecon Beacons or Dartmoor - not only are these wonderful place to explore from an owner's point of view, but the fact that these areas are less populated means your dog can really roam (though be wary of other wildlife).

For a real treat, head down to the local river, stream or reservoir (providing there isn't a strong wind or current that day) and allow your dog to dip in and out of the water to their heart's content; the majority of dogs love swimming, and letting them have this occasional treat will make their day - as long as you're willing to dry them off afterwards and have a wet car seat.

Written by: Hannah