When you bring a puppy into your home, you will have a number of challenges to face. Your new pet will be excitable and affectionate, but will not be trained so won't know what is good or bad behaviour. You will have to look after them carefully in order to make sure they are happy and healthy.

A big part of this is their diet. Your pet needs to be fed correctly so that it has the energy to grow properly. You must stay on top of what you are feeding your puppy, making sure it is eating the right food at the right stages in its development.

Six to eight weeks: Weaning

For the first six to eight weeks of its life, your puppy will survive solely on its mother's milk. However, once that period is up you need to start weaning your dog onto solid food. You cannot rush this; it should take you a good two weeks if not three. During this period, you will need to gradually introduce solid food into your dog's diet.

Puppy food

You should not start your puppy on adult dog food straight away. This is because it doesn't contain enough energy for your puppy to grow and still function. Growing uses up a huge amount of energy, so your dog needs the calories to match.

If your puppy gets sluggish easily, it could be a sign that they aren't eating enough to both grow and be active. You should feed your pet a specialised puppy food from a brand such as Arden Grange dog food. This will give them all the energy and nutrients they need to grow up healthily.

Rather than two big meals at the beginning and end of the day, your puppy will benefit from having four smaller meals. Space these out evenly to give your dog a constant supply of calories and nutrients. When your dog has reached maturity - which will depend on the breed - you can move them onto adult food.

Written by: Hannah