There are many things you need to sort out when you get a new dog. You need to make sure it has plenty of premium dog food, toys, a place to sleep and other things. However, one of the most important is training.

Dog training is essential to making sure you have a well-behaved pet. If you neglect this, you could end up with a disobedient, troublesome dog that is difficult to control. You need to make sure that if your dog is doing something they shouldn't, like chewing the sofa, you can get it to stop straight away.

But how do you choose a type of dog training for your pet? There are two main types you will have to choose from: behavioural and obedience. There is a fair amount of crossover between the two, but each focuses on a different thing.

Obedience training is more about teaching your dog to follow simple commands like 'sit' and 'stay'. This is great if you want a dog that can be easily controlled, as if you continue with this training you can end up with a pet that does everything you say straight away.

Behavioural training, on the other hand, is more about fixing problem behaviours in dogs. So for example, this training would be very useful to housebreak a puppy or to stop a troublesome dog that likes to chew and destroy furniture. A small amount of obedience training is included in this model.

So which is right for your pet? If it has a specific problem, such as aggression, then behavioural training should be your first choice. Often, you will not be able to go ahead with obedience training until your dog's behavioural problems have been fixed.

Indeed, this approach is usually best for most dogs. Behavioural training will make sure they are not troublesome, meaning you can 'graduate' to teaching your dog obedience. You don't have to opt for the latter, of course, but you might find that having a dog that obeys your commands is incredibly useful.

Written by: Hannah