When it comes to travelling with your pooch, ideally you should make preparations to make it as easy and comfortable for them as possible. Whether your pet gets travel sick or not, the process of heading off somewhere strange can be incredibly stressful for them, especially if they haven't really travelled before.

If you're travelling by car, you should set out a space for them in the vehicle that is comfortable and has enough room for them to move around slightly without letting them get in the way of your driving. Their space should also be able to get fresh air to them to cut down on the chances of travel sickness.

For smaller breeds, you may find that it is easier to set them up in a spacious travel carrier. This will keep them in one place and make it easier when it comes to getting them in and out of the car. The carrier should be big enough for them to stand up and turn around.

Whether your pooch is in a carrier or not, you should try and get them used to travelling in a car before heading off on a long trip. Try taking them on smaller trips throughout the month before you leave, this will help calm them down and ensure they are used to the process of getting in and out of the car.

You should also get them de-flead and dewormed a few weeks before travel to ensure they are in the best of health, not only will this help them have a more comfortable journey, it will also stop your car from becoming infested. Failing to do this can exacerbate any illness or stress that travelling brings on.

As well as flea and worm treatments, you will need to ensure that they are microchipped and that their chip information is fully up-to-date. It's bad enough if your dog goes missing around your home, but if you are on holiday, it can make it even more difficult to find them.

With this in mind, it is also a good idea to have a personalised name tag created that can be popped on their collar. You'll want to include their name, your name and the number you can be reached on while on holiday and at home. This will ensure that should the worst happen, you have a better chance of being reunited with your pooch.

Written by: Hannah