When it comes to caring for your dog, one of the biggest things in terms of their health is their diet. As well as the fact that some foods are not suitable for dogs to eat, failing to ensure they have a good diet and regular exercise can impact their weight and overall health.

If a dog is over or underweight, it can result in a number of problems with their health, including a shortened lifespan. This is why it is important to regulate what they eat, give them the opportunity for exercise and keep an eye on them for any sudden changes in their weight.


Your dog should get at least 45 minutes of exercise every day in order to maintain their health. This doesn't mean you can simply pop them out in the garden and leave them to it, as the chances are they aren't going to be running around out there.

Instead, you should take them for walks, play games and try to get them moving. This helps keep them healthy, gets rid of excess energy and regulates their weight.

Don't overdo the treats:

While a treat every now and then is perfectly fine, overdoing it can mean your dog puts weight on. Treats often contain a lot of fat, just as human treats do, so they aren't ideal for giving to your dog in excess.

Instead of giving them lots of unhealthy treats, opt for healthier alternatives. These should still only be given to them sporadically, as they should be getting everything they need to stay healthy from their meals.

Well balanced food:

Maintaining a healthy, balanced and natural diet for your dogs is the best way to ensure they remain at their optimal weight, have energy and have a shiny, healthy coat. You should also try and vary their meals slightly to give them different flavours so their diet doesn't get monotonous.

The BARF diet provides raw, natural food that is simple and nutritious. It contains only ingredients that are good for dogs and that they can digest easily, avoiding any fillers that don't offer them much in terms of nutrition.

With a lack of chemicals, colourings, preservatives and additives, the BARF diet can help them develop lean muscle, maintain a good weight while also looking and feeling healthy and happy.

If you need any advice on choosing a suitable diet for your dog, feel free to get in touch and speak to one of our advisors.

Written by: Hannah