The last month has seen a wide range of new additions to VioVet, including two exciting new brands and additions to already popular ranges. Alfalfa King and Brinicombe Equine are now available and bring with them some fantastic products which you can look at below. Supa adds a selection of wild bird feeders to its range, and Hikari have had their range completed so now you can get all the high quality food you need for your pet fish.

Saki Hikari Fish Food

This month we have expanded our selection of Hikari Fish Foods with the Saki-Hikari range. Hikari have been producing quality fish food for many years from their base in Japan. Not only do they produce their sought after food there, they own the Yamasaki Koi Farm which is one of the largest in Japan. You can be sure that all their food has been produced with quality in mind, and tested by vast arrays of their own fish, before being made available for all kinds of pet fish, whether big or small.

The Saki Hikari Fish Food is tailored to Nishikigoi professionals as well as Koi enthusiasts. Each type of food in the range has been developed into a specific diet which maintains the health, colour, condition and form of Koi fish. They also all contain a strain of natural bacteria, named Hikari-Germ, to provide good bacteria which improves the feeder's digestive capacity. This bacteria also helps to fight against disease and illness, giving you peace of mind that you are keeping your fish healthy as well as fed.

The range consists of 5 diets and each one has been formulated to provide improvement or support to a specific area of the fish. Whether you want to improve their colouring, support growth or just provide the right diet for the right time of year, the Saki Hikari range has got you covered. Here are some of the products from the Saki Hikari range:

Saki-Hikari Balance Fish FoodSaki-Hikari Colour Fish FoodSaki Hikari Growth Fish FoodSaki-Hikari Multi-Season Fish Food

Alfalfa King Hay

Alfalfa King is one of our newly stocked brands which has appeared on VioVet in the last month. They are a family owned company from Nevada who provides a range of hay products which thrive in their climate and high altitude. All of their hay products have been double compressed to remove the air from the bag but retain the aroma, and then hand packed to ensure freshness when it gets to your pet. There is a choice of three Alfalfa King products for your small pet to try. Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay and Oat, Wheat & Barley Hay are on offer today direct from VioVet:

Alfalfa King Alfalfa Hay for Small AnimalsAlfalfa King Oat, Wheat & Barley Hay for Small AnimalsAlfalfa King Timothy Hay for Small Animals

Brinicombe Equine Think Itch

Another company which has become available from VioVet over the last month is Brinicombe Equine. Based in Devon, they aim to provide the highest quality supplements available for your horse by using the most technically advanced ingredients available. They provide support for the whole range of horse needs, calming products to hoof care and joint care all the way through to their very own salt lick range. It is also pleasing to know that all the products have been approved to HRA/FEI competition rules.

One product from their range is Think Itch, a supplement which provides support to the immune system and helps to maintain healthy skin to sensitive horses during the summer period. A huge amount of horses are allergic to midge bites in the UK, and this can cause irritation and discomfort. As we come up to summer it is best to be prepared and be able to supply your horse with the beneficial ingredients it requires to provide a deterrent to midges and support the horse from the inside too. Here are a few other new products from the Brinicombe Equine range:

Brinicombe Equine HerbiLIXBrinicombe Equine Think Clear for HorsesBrinicombe Equine Think TLC for HorsesBrinicombe Equine Foot Perfect Hoof Cream for Horses

Supa Contemporary Bird Feeders

It can be easy to just think of a garden bird feeder as just there to provide its function of keeping your garden birds well fed. That doesn't need to be the case, as Supa have shown with their new range of contemporary wild bird feeders. Supa started life just after the second world war, emerging from a hobby which expanded to a fish food producing business started by Reg Hutchinson who came out of the British Army. Supa are no strangers to bird feeders, however, as they have had a range of bird products available, but never have they released a range which is so pleasing to the eye.

The various designs, shapes and colours of this new range have been produced to complement contemporary settings, whether it be in the back garden or on a balcony. Here are a few of the new Supa Bird Feeders available from VioVet today:

Supa Rutland Bird Seed FeederSupa Abercorn Wild Bird FeederSupa Hamilton Peanut Bird FeederSupa Kent Peanut Bird Feeder

And the rest...

Here are the other products which have been made available from VioVet over the last month:

Cowboy Magic Greenspot Remover for HorsesGold Label MSM Plus for HorsesEffol Rider's Lip ButterJHL Half Rubber Show ReinsGold Label Frog Oil for HorsesCavallo Trek Hoof BootsMark Todd Ladies Linen BreechesLeovet Power Phaser Fly ProtectionBob Martin Biodegradable Poop Scoop Bags for DogsAntos Dried Ear Natural Dog TreatsGelert Holistic Choice Adult Dry FoodWhimzees Alligator Dental Dog ChewSkinner's Field & Trial Junior Dog FoodLaughing Dog Cheesy Oaties Dog TreatsSoopa Dog TreatsWebbox Cats Delight Tasty Tid Bits Cat TreatsBob Martin Pesticide-Free Spot On for DogsCosipet Scatty Igloo Cat BedSimple Solution Spot Spotter Urine DetectorCanovel Home Blitz! Plus Flea & Insect SprayWebbox Wild Bird Suet TrayMr. Johnson's Advance Hamster & Gerbil FoodTetraMin Pro Crisps Tropical Fish FoodTetra Pond Shrimp Mix Fish FoodTetra Pond Sterlet Sticks Fish FoodSimple Solution Extreme Carpet ShampooPeckish Robin Seed & Insect Mix Wild Bird FoodFerplast Mini Duna Hamster CageCoachies Lick Treat for DogsInterpet Delta Mini Aquarium HeaterInterpet Internal Cartridge Aquarium Filter

Written by: Adam