With the General Election fast approaching, many people are thinking about the range of politicians vying to run the country come May.

However, a few important candidates have been overlooked, who are considered a better fit for the job than any of the party leaders by an overwhelming majority of poll respondents.

According to a recent survey carried out by dog biscuit manufacturer Pick Up!, 70 per cent of UK adults would prefer a fictional dog to be prime minister rather than any of the present candidates.

The vote also led to another coalition, with hero pet Lassie and Wallace’s long-suffering companion Gromit tied in first place in terms of trustworthiness. The humans were left trailing in the poll, in which David Cameron scored 14 per cent, Ed Miliband seven per cent, Nigel Farage six per cent and Nick Clegg three per cent.

The results were even more dog-friendly in Scotland, with 76 per cent choosing a canine option instead of the current party leaders.

This makes sense, as 73 per cent of respondents said that their pooch had a special talent or skill. Lassie’s rescue track record and Gromit’s technical skills certainly make them ideal candidates for high office.

What’s more, 66 per cent felt that their pet had a better sense of intuition than their significant other, meaning that perhaps our dogs might be better at diplomatic negotiations than we might expect.

Respondents were also asked to associate each human candidate with a cartoon character. David Cameron was Dick Dastardly from Wacky Races, Ed Miliband was Mr Bean and Nick Clegg was Fred from Scooby Doo. Sadly, Mr Miliband did not end up as Wallace, which might have offered him a taste of power alongside his more capable pooch Gromit.
While there are currently no plans to allow animals to stand for Parliament, entries are still open for Pick Up!’s Ninja Dog Championships, which celebrates pups with a wide array of talents.

Written by: Hannah