When volunteers from the Dallas Dogrrr - Rescue, Rehab and Reform animal rescue hit the streets to try to round up strays in a south Dallas park, they were hoping to find a particular pooch who had eluded them on several occasions over the past few weeks.

They had seen him multiple times with a female dog who they believed to be pregnant, so they were concerned about the pair’s well-being.

They certainly didn’t expect him to become part of the rescue mission himself, but that’s exactly what happened.

The labrador mix attracted the team’s attention by barking loudly, then slowly backing away each time they tried to approach him. This continued until they arrived at a muddy, burnt-out tree stump by a stream, where a dangerously weak dog was lying with her litter of ten puppies, who were in danger of dying from cold.

As a result of his actions, the volunteers have named him Hero - a title few will disagree with.

While it’s not certain if the selfless dog is the puppies’ father, he is certainly set to play a big part in their upbringing. All the rescued animals have been moved to a foster home, where Hero is never far away from the puppies and their mother, Mona. Photos posted on the organisation’s Facebook page even show him keeping a watchful eye on the vet giving the group a check-up.

All the dogs are doing well, and the puppies will be put up for adoption once they are ready to leave their parents.

Dog behaviourist John Miller was working with the group that day, and was in no doubts about Hero’s motivations. He said: "He took us to the puppies. That is exactly what he was trying to do. I've heard about stuff like this, but it was awesome to witness it."
He also noted that the location where the young family was discovered was so dark and difficult to reach that the humans would not have been able to find them unaided, meaning that Hero really is a life-saver.

Written by: Hannah