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  • Introducing Strangvac Image

    Strangvac is an immunological medicine which induces active immunisation in horses against Streptococcus equi acute infection (AKA Equine Strangles). It can be used from 8 months of age and works to reduce the clinical signs of the disease in acute stages of infection. This includes reducing the number of submandibular and retropharyngeal lymph nod...

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  • Introducing Fatrovax RHD Image

    Fatrovax RHD is a vaccination containing rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus 1 (RHDV1) recombinant capsid protein VP1a and rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus 2 (RHDV2) recombinant capsid protein VP1ab. When administered Fatrovax RHD stimulates active immunity against RHDV1 and RHDV2. The medication can be administered from as early as 28 days old, ons...

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  • Introducing Tessie Image

    Tessie contains tasipimidine which is an alpha-2A adrenoceptor agonist medication. It is indicated for "Short term alleviation of situational anxiety and fear in dogs triggered by noise or owner departure". It works by acting in the central nervous system to reduce/block noradrenaline-mediated neurotransmission, this leads to analgesia, sedation an...

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  • A vet guide to treating separation anxiety Image

    A vet guide to treating separation anxiety

    13 May 2021 Last updated: 17 May 2021 - By in Pet Care

    This is one of the most common behavioural disorders in our pets, in fact an estimated 14% of pet dogs suffer from the condition. Separation anxiety is a fear that is caused by separation or the threat of separation from family members. It can be really frustrating to control but with a good behavioural plan in place you can eventually get on top o...

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  • Puppy & kitten checklist Image

    Puppy & kitten checklist

    13 April 2021 Last updated: 13 April 2021 - By in Pet Care

    You’re thinking about getting a new puppy or kitten! Maybe you’ve just taken home your new furry family member. Whatever the case, we’ve made a checklist to help you navigate the maze that is how to care for them. Which wormer? Should I neuter? What about vaccines? We’ve got it all covered. Diet The nutritional requirement...

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  • A skin supplement guide Image

    A skin supplement guide

    15 March 2021 Last updated: 18 March 2021 - By in Pet Care

    The largest organ in our pet’s bodies is by far the skin, and lots of skin means lots of hair! In fact our feline friends have up to an estimated 60,000 to 120,000 hairs per square inch of skin, and our doggy companions 150,000. Most breeds shed at least twice yearly which equals millions of hair every year. All that hair can only grow proper...

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  • Introducing Ultifend ND IBD Image

    Ultifend ND IBD is a new vaccination that stimulates immunity against Newcastle Disease (ND), Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) and Marek’s disease (MD). The product is particularly beneficial as it is suitable for one day old chicks or 18 day old embryonated chicken eggs. This aims to reduce mortality, clinical signs and lesions caused by the...

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  • Introducing Credelio Plus Image

    Introducing Credelio Plus

    1 March 2021 - By in Pet Care

    Credelio Plus is an anti-parasitic veterinary medication containing milbemycin oxime and lotilaner. These ingredients are effective against flea and tick as well as roundworm infections, including heartworm and lungworm. The product comes in a chewable tablet form and is a great option for preventing infestations of these parasites in dogs. The pro...

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  • Introducing Daxocox Image

    Introducing Daxocox

    1 March 2021 - By in Pet Care

    Daxocox is a new Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) containing enflicoxib that has recently received a positive opinion for marketing authorisation. Medications like this are used to reduce inflammation and so cause pain relief in effected animals. Daxocox in particular is indicated for the treatment of pain and inflammation associated wi...

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  • Introducing Solensia Image

    Introducing Solensia

    29 January 2021 Last updated: 11 May 2021 - By in Pet Care

    Solensia contains frunevetmab. This is a feline monoclonal antibody (mAb) which targets nerve growth factor (NGF). This in turn inhibits NGF mediate cell signalling which helps reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis disorders. The medication is administered by subcutaneous injection once every 28 days. Solensia is a welcome addition to the vete...

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