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  • Introducing Librela Image

    Introducing Librela

    24 September 2020 Last updated: 24 September 2020 - By in Veterinary Matters

    Librela is an innovative new drug for the alleviation of pain associated with osteoarthritis in dogs. The medication contains a canine monoclonal antibody (mAb) which targets nerve growth factor (NGF). This inhibits NGF-mediated cell signalling which has been demonstrated to provide relief from pain associated with osteoarthritis. The product is ad...

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  • Feeding your rabbit or guinea pig Image

    Feeding your rabbit or guinea pig

    4 September 2020 Last updated: 15 September 2020 - By in Small Animals

    Rabbits and guinea pigs have a very complex digestive system that relies on what is called ‘Hind Gut Fermentation’. This includes a microflora of healthy bacteria that help them break down the tough forage and fibre they eat. It’s really important you give the right diet to keep this microflora happy and your pet healthy. This sho...

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  • Allergies in cats & dogs - a vet guide Image

    Allergies in cats & dogs - a vet guide

    20 August 2020 Last updated: 20 August 2020 - By in Veterinary Matters

    Just like us, our pets can be allergic to things they are exposed to. This can include allergies to pollen, food and even dust mites. In fact research shows that just over 1 in 10 dogs and cats have allergic skin disease in some form! Below is a summarised guide of how to spot and approach the problem. What are the signs of allergies in animals? Th...

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  • Brexit Pet Travel Update Image

    Brexit Pet Travel Update

    19 August 2020 - By in Pet Care

    Brexit has slipped under our radar and is fast approaching! The UK government has just updated their advice on pet travel after the 1st January 2021. It’s important to be aware of this if you intend on travelling with your pet to the EU to avoid getting stuck abroad! Here is a summarised version of what you need to know: I am travelling to a...

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  • New Product Innovax-ND-ILT Image

    Innovax-ND-ILT is a vaccination that stimulates active immunity against Newcastle Disease (ND), Avian Infectious Laryngoracheitis Virus (ILT) and Marek’s disease (MD). It has recently been granted marketing authorisation and so will be available in the near future. The product is particularly beneficial as it is suitable for one day old chick...

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  • New Product Mhyosphere PCV ID Image

    Mhyosphere PCV ID is a vaccination for pigs against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and Porcine Circovirus type 2a. This product has recently passed it’s marketing authorisation so will be available in the near future. Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae causes Porcine Enzootic Pneumonia, a lung disease that is estimated to be in up to 80% of pig herds through...

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  • Supporting your pet's liver Image

    The liver is an organ that processes our pet’s nutrients and helps get rid of any toxins. This means a normal functioning liver is a crucial part of our pet’s life, and when it becomes damaged it’s really important to ensure it recovers. Fortunately the liver has a great capacity to repair if we provide it the right environment an...

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  • Hot Weather Care Tips Image

    Hot Weather Care Tips

    22 June 2020 Last updated: 25 June 2020 - By in Pet Care

    Summer is finally here! Our dogs are loving the longer days, and the longer walks that often come with it. However we need to be particularly careful of the dangers the hotter days can bring. Below are our vet tips on keeping your pet happy and safe throughout the summer! What are the dangers of hot weather? Heat stroke This is where your pet&rsq...

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  • Fly Strike in Rabbits Image

    Spring and summer are approaching and our pet rabbits love the warmer climate and longer days this brings. Unfortunately so do flies, with the warmer months being their prime breeding season. The larvae they produce can actually be deadly to our pets, which is why we've outlined steps on how to keep your pet bunny safe! What is Fly Strike? Flies na...

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  • Arthritis in pets - prevention & management Image

    Approximately 25% of dogs will suffer from osteoarthritis in their lifetime. This is where one or multiple joints are inflamed and painful - something which is most commonly due to aging. It’s not just our pet dogs that are affected either; in one study 90% of cats over the age of 12 had signs of osteoarthritis on x-ray. How do I know if my p...

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