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  • Debunked Dog Behaviour Dilemmas Image

    Debunked Dog Behaviour Dilemmas

    21 May 2021 Last updated: 25 May 2021 - By in Pet Care

    Dogs are a man’s best friend. But do you really know the reason behind their behaviour? Understanding why they do the things they do will not only help you feel closer to your pet but can help you train them. Here, we cover things from how to puppy train to why dogs sleep so much. How to stop puppy biting You'll have noticed that when puppi...

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  • Your hens need worming too! Image

    Your hens need worming too!

    11 May 2021 Last updated: 27 May 2021 - By in Pet Care

    Your hens need worming too! Just like other pets and farm animals, ‘backyard’ chickens need to be dewormed regularly to protect them from the threat of internal parasites. There are many types of internal and external parasites which may affect your laying hens and each type can cause different symptoms. However, as parasites have evolv...

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  • Dog Health Myths Uncovered Image

    Dog Health Myths Uncovered

    22 April 2021 Last updated: 22 April 2021 - By in Pet Care

    Being a dog parent comes with responsibilities to keep our pets safe, happy, and healthy. We’ve probably all heard that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, but there are so many other things that we need to be aware of. We’ve created a helpful and interesting hub of information so you can remain confident that your dog is being looked after...

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  • Why It's Important To Ban Puppy Imports Image

    Ban Puppy Imports Campaign and Petition For most of us, 2020 was the much-anticipated year of change, hope, and positivity, as most turns of the decade promise. Sadly, as we all know too well, this year has proven to be quite the opposite, with human tragedy and an undercurrent of uncertainty now the norm. Sadly in the world of animal welfare th...

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