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Zentonil Liver Tablets for Dogs & Cats

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  • Advanced 400mg » Pack of 30 £93.49

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Zentonil is a nutritional supplement that serves as an aid in all situations where the liver is known or suspected to be under stress. Zentonil tablets are formulated for dogs and cats to help support liver function. The tablets can be split into halves or quarters and are best given with no food in the stomach (either 2 hours before or 2 hours after a meal)

Zentonil Advanced 100mg are for cats. For the correct option for your dog please see below and match up to what your dog weighs.

Zentonil contains SAMe as well as Silybin (from Milk Thistle). The Zentonil rate is 100mg of tablet per 5kg bodyweight

Zentonil Advanced tablets contain the pure, stable salt of S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), developed specifically for veterinary use in dogs and cats. Thanks to patented and highly exclusive microencapsulation technology, tablets may be split, crushed or chewed without compromising SAMe bioavailability. They also have the added benefits of silybin.

SAMe particles are individually microencapsulated before the addition of silybin, to preserve bioavailability. The silybin in Zentonil Advanced is complexed with phosphatidylcholine, which has been shown to significantly increase bioavailability.

Feeding guidelines

The following table shows the daily feeding amount of tablets based on animal weight. The tablets can be split into halves or quarters and are best given either 2 hours before or after a meal.

Animal Weight Advanced 100 Advanced 200 Advanced 400
2.5kg ½
5kg 1 ½
10kg 2 1 ½
20kg 2 1
40kg 2

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Zentonil versus Hepatosyl plus

15th Jul 2015

My dog suffers with seizures as a result of excess bile on the liver... She is currently on Hepatosyl plus 200mg .. One a day but still has seizures every 3 months or so .. She is also on destolit that I get from you.. Do you think Zentonil would be any better for her.. My vet has said there is no more medication he can think of apart from what she's on ... She's nearly 13 and apart from the seizures is s happy little dog!! Thank you

  • Non-Executive Director

I think that there is very unlikely to be any difference between the results you would get from these two products. It is up to you which you use, either should help. The only other thing which might make a bit of difference would be a liver support diet, such as Hills L/D. It might make some difference. Otherwise it would be up to your own vet to investigate for other possibilities really as he/she is familiar with your particular dog.